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Physical Therapy Assistant: Citing Rehab Reference Center

Guide by Kristin Snawder. Direct comments to

Citing Rehab Reference Center in APA

The easiest way to get an APA citation for a Rehabilitation Reference Center article is to open the article and locate the email link at the upper right of the article. 

You can then email a PDF of the article, if available, along with the APA citation to yourself. 

You will need to clean up the citation.  Here is an example of what the citation will look like in your email:


Granado, M. (2018). Adhesive Capsulitis. CINAHL Rehabilitation Guide,

<!--Additional Information:
Persistent link to this record (Permalink):
End of citation-->


You will want to get rid of some of the text surrounding the permalink along with the additional spaces.  Your citation should end up looking something like this:


Granado, M. (2018). Adhesive Capsulitis. CINAHL Rehabilitation Guide. Retrieved from


You can find all the information for the citation in the Citation section of the article.  The information just isn't put in a correctly formatted citation.  To locate the Citation section of the article, look at the top left of the article for the Citation link.