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ENG 111: College Composition I (Argument Research - AL): Books & eBooks

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Search Tips

Type in only the words most important to your topic.  If you don't get enough results, you may need to be more general.

  • Use AND to connect keywords

    child abuse AND prevention

  • Use quotation marks around two or more words you want found together

    "child abuse"
    "genetic engineering"

  • Use the asterisk to find multiple endings of a word (e.g., generation* would include generation, generations, and generational)

    Generation* AND conflict

Note: the Library Catalog does not search the full-text of books.  It looks at the title, author, subject headings, and any details provided (such as table of contents).


Why use a book?

  • find detailed and comprehensive background information
  • find the history of a topic
  • use book's bibliography to find additional resources

Where to Find...

Author Credentials and Authority -- look for a brief author biography and the name of the publisher:

  • book jacket
  • back of the book
  • inside the book, either the beginning or the end

Intended Audience -- look at:

  • publisher name
  • vocabulary used
  • information in the preface and jacket/back of book