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ENG 111: College Composition I (Argument Research - AL)

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Top Databases for ENG 111

Use these first two databases to browse for controversial topic ideas, and to get ideas for how to focus a broad topic
Essays and articles in these databases present arguments on a range of controversial topics.

Proquest is good database for articles that support specific points and arguments in your essay.

When you are searching, be specific about what you are looking for.  For example, instead of poverty (too general!), search for articles that support one of the points in your essay:  poverty AND women AND covid-19

Search the Library Catalog

Library Catalog search tip: 
Select Advanced Search to search for books, scholarly articles, news articles, and videos from multiple databases at the same time.

Library Catalog and Database Search Tips - Selecting and Combining Keywords

Topic example: Gender selection should not be legal because it can lead to sex discrimination.

  • Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.  These are your KEYWORDS.

    gender selection should not be legal because it can lead to sex discrimination

  • Type AND between each new keyword or idea.

    gender selection AND sex discrimination

  • Use quotation marks for phrases.

    "gender selection" AND "sex discrimination"

  • Use synonyms and other related terms.

    "gender selection" AND "sex discrimination"

    "sex selection" AND "sex discrimination"

   "family balancing" AND "sex discrimination"

Videos - Selecting and Combining Keywords

These videos, from McMaster University, provide explanations for identifying and using keywords in databases.

How to Choose Keywords:

Combining Keywords with AND, OR, NOT:

Using Quotation Marks, the Asterisk, and Parentheses with Keywords: