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ENG 111: College Composition I (Argument Research - AL)

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Topic Ideas, Learn About Your Topic

Write Down...

As you identify a topic and start finding information about it, write down key words and ideas you come across, including:

Pro/Con Reasons

Synonyms and related terms


Names of key people

Names of key organizations




These are your KEYWORDS. You will likely continue to find more keywords as you do your research.  You will use these terms to do more effective searches for articles and books.

Video: Picking Your Topic Is Research

View this video from North Carolina State University to learn more about how to pick a topic:

Tips for Using Opposing Viewpoints

In Opposing Viewponts:

1. Type in your topic or "Browse Issues." 
2. Look for "Viewpoints" related to your topic.

These "Viewpoints" can give you ideas for how to frame your argument.