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Dual Enrollment Students: Guide to Library Resources & Services: NOVACard/Library Card

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NOVACard/Library Card


The NOVACard is the student identification card.   It is also your library card, which you will use to borrow materials, and the card you will use to pay for printing or photocopying.

To get your NOVACard, go to one of the campus offices.  
Be sure to bring a photo ID and know your EMPLID (you can look up your EMPLID here).

When you are getting your NOVACard at one of the offices, you can add funds to your card's account if you think you will print or photocopy while on campus.

George Mason University Privileges

George Mason University Libraries are open to the public, and as a NOVA student you have borrowing privileges at GMU's libraries.  To check items out you must have a valid NOVACard and a copy of your registration for the current semester.

For more information, visit the GMU Circulation webpage, scroll down to the section labeled "NVCC."

Visit the GMU Library website to search for books.