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Antiracism : A Guide to Stories, Perspectives, and Connections

NOVA Libraries affirms that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Here you can: (1) Explore the history & conditions that have led to the unrest of 2020. (2) Find resources to move forward in antiracism as individuals & as an institution.

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Guide by Eliza Selander

This guide is updated regularly. Community input is welcome.

Suggested resources will be evaluated for accuracy and relevance using the SIFT Method (Stop, Investigate, Find, Trace).

Please send resource suggestions, comments, and questions to

Stories, Perspectives, and Connections

Image: Anadolu Agency, Getty Images

On the toolbar (to the left in desktop; above in mobile), you will find tabs leading you to eBooks, ArticlesVideos, and Podcasts. All listed resources are available online. Many require a NOVA login.

Within each of these tabs, the suggested resources are grouped by Stories (including biography, memoir, and fiction by people of color); Perspectives (including scholarly and popular antiracist work); and Connections (including suggestions for next steps for the NOVA community).

The final tab, Tools for Taking Action, offers a collection of free (no login required) Web resources compiled by various antiracist groups, as well as suggestions for getting involved with antiracism here in Northern Virginia.

Suggested Databases for Further Research