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Antiracism : A Guide to Stories, Perspectives, and Connections

Black lives matter. Here you can explore the history of racism and antiracism in the United States.

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Guide by Eliza Selander, Librarian

This guide is updated regularly. Community input is welcome.

Suggested resources will be evaluated for accuracy and relevance using the SIFT Method (Stop, Investigate, Find, Trace).

Please send resource suggestions, comments, and questions to

Guide Information

As an academic institution that values open dialogue and excellence in education, Northern Virginia Community College is committed to the free exchange of ideas by its faculty, staff and students. The Libguide platform is a content management system that NOVA librarians can use in consultation with faculty, staff, and students to create subject-specific, course-specific, and/or assignment-specific resource pages that can organize educational information and provide links to educational content.

The creation of a subject-specific, course-specific, or assignment-specific Libguide does not constitute a formal endorsement of any particular political position or viewpoint on a subject.  Libguides are primarily connected to instruction and point students towards relevant resources. 

As an institution, NOVA remains neutral with respect to political speech at the College.  For more information on how to create a new libguide or to comment and provide feedback to adjust, improve, or add to an existing Libguide please contact Matt Todd, Dean of Libraries

For more information on free speech and expressive activities, please see NOVA’s Speech and Expression policy and procedure.

Stories, Perspectives, and Connections

Image: Anadolu Agency, Getty Images

On the toolbar (to the left in desktop; above in mobile), you will find tabs leading you to Books, ArticlesVideosPodcasts, and Primary Sources. All listed resources are available online. Many require a NOVA login.

Within each of these tabs, the suggested resources are grouped by Stories (including viewpoints, memoirs, and fiction by people of color); Perspectives (including scholarly and popular antiracist work); and Connections (including resources for teachers and students).