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ART 101: History and Appreciation of Art I (Liakos-LO)

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  bison molting, lascaux caves  Augustus of Primaporta

Images, from left to right: Virgin and Child in Majesty, 1150-1200, French, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Image courtesy of ARTstor; Lascaux Cave: Nave Bison Back to Back; det.: left wall, Dordogne, France. Image courtesy of ARTstor; Augustus of Primaporta, early 1st century CE copy of bronze original, ca. 20 BCE, marble, Roman, Museo Chiaramonti, Image courtesy of ARTstor. 

Please click on the image to see more information on each work.

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Your Writing Assignment

*For this course, students will build a scholarly formal analysis of one work of art from the period we are studying. The analysis will include an introductory paragraph with thesis statement followed by a detailed and thoughtful description of the work. Students will be expected to footnote primary and scholarly sources in the Chicago style.

Sources MUST be primary or scholarly secondary. 

*Description is from the syllabus.