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ENG 112: College Composition II: Ethnography of an Online Community (Alexandria/West Potomac Dual Enrollment-Dunne)

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Top Article Databases

Search Tips:

  • Select the fewest words possible to type into the search box -- just the ones most important to your topic.
  • Type   AND   between each new word or idea.  For example: 
         ukulele AND hawaii AND culture
         ukulele AND hawaii AND community
         skateboarding AND creativity
         elvish AND language
         elvish AND language AND internet
         welsh AND language AND culture

Search the Library Catalog

Search Tips for the Library Catalog

  • The library catalog looks for the words you enter in just a few places (title, author, sometimes table of contents), so in most cases just typing in your general topic will work best (e.g., skateboarding, ballet)
  • Some of your topics might be too specific or new for using the library catalog to find books.  In those cases, search for more general topics.  For example, r/wallstreetbets is too recent/specific, but a search on stock markethedge funds, or Reddit could provide context or other background information.
  • Limit your results to ebooks.  After you do a search, look on the left for filters - use Availability > Full Text Online 

    Limit to Full Text Online and Books