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APA 6 Citation Style Guide

This style guide will help you cite the most common types of materials required in research projects and papers for APA 6. - Direct comments to


Entire Book

Mabe, D.  (2005).  BlackBerry hacks.    Retrieved from


Walder, D. (2011). Postcolonial nostalgias: Writing, representation and memory. Retrieved from


Chapter in Edited Book


Diallo, D. (2010). From electro-rap to g-funk: A social history of rap music in Los Angeles and Compton, California. In M. Hess (Ed.), Hip hop in America: A regional guide (pp.225-255). Retrieved from


Chapter in a Book (no editor, with doi)


Westaby, J. (2012). Dynamic network theory: How social networks influence goal pursuit. In Cognition and mental health in social networks (pp.171-201). doi:10.1037/13490-005

Magazine Articles (Online)

Donnelly, S.B.  (2005, February 14).  More guns in the air.  Time, 165(13).  Retrieved from


Journal Articles (Online)

Goetz, S.J., & Shrestha, S.S. (2009). Explaining self-employment success and failure: Wal-Mart versus Starbucks, or

      Shrumpeter versus Putnam. Social Science Quarterly, 90(1), 22-38. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6237.2009.00600.x


Menesini, E., Melan, E., and Pignatti, B. (2000). Interactional styles of bullies and victims obesrved in a competitive and

cooperative setting. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 161(3), 261-. Retrieved from

Newspaper Articles (Online)

Kang, C. (2012, November 4). When is a kids' online game actually an ad? Washington Post.


Davis, J.L. (2007). Children and sweetened drinks: What's a parent to do? Retrieved 

About malaria.  (2009).  Retrieved from  Johns Hopkins University, Johns  Hopkins Malaria Research
         Institute Web site:

Malaria facts. (2007, April 11).  Retrieved from Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Malaria Web


**Notice in the first webpage example above that the name of the host website (WebMD) is not given.  In APA style the name of the host website is typically only given if the site is large and complex, such as a university web site or a government website, as seen in the second and third.