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ART 150 and CST 151: Film Research (Alexandria)

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Top Databases for Film Research

Database Search Tips

Magazine, newspaper, and journal articles focus on a specific aspect of a topic, so what you type into the search box should also be specific.

Use your research question or topic sentences as a starting point to identify keywords and concepts:

How do the visual effects of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari reveal the narrator's perspective?

Type AND between each concept dr caligari AND visual
Use "quotation marks" around phrases "set design" AND dr caligari
Use an asterisk (*) to get words with multiple endings
(light* will find articles with light, lights, lighting, lighted, and lightness)
dr caligari AND light*
Use related terms and synonyms dr caligari AND (narrator OR francis)

In your list of results, use FILTERS/LIMITERS:

  • Full Text - click the full text box so that all your results will have the entire article available for you to read
  • Source Type - select magazines or academic/scholarly journals