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MUS 221/222: History of Western Music (Alexandria)

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Article Databases

These databases are included in the Library Catalog "Everything" search, but by using the individual databases you will get more powerful search options.

Search Tips

Select the most important 2-3 terms related to your topic.  Put the word AND between each new term; this tells the database to look for resources with ALL your terms.


U2 AND religion


Use quotation marks ( "  " ) around phrases (two or more words); this tells the database to look for the words in that specific order.

"civil war" AND music

Use an asterisk ( * ) to find multiple endings of one word.  Using censor* as a search term will include results that refer to censor, censors, censored, censoring, and censorship.

censor* AND Shostakovich

Find Journal by Title

To find out what journals NOVA subscribes to, and where to find them, search for a journal title (e.g., Journal of Musicology) using the link below: