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ENG 112: College Composition II: Storytelling (O'Brien-Alexandria)

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Top Databases for ENG 112

Database Search Tips:

Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.  These are your Keywords.

Type AND between each new keyword or idea.

     brain AND storytelling
     neuroscience AND storytelling
     education AND storytelling
     pedagogy AND storytelling
     "single story" AND stereotypes
     "single story" AND storytelling

Use quotation marks for phrases.

"single story"     "mental health"

Use synonyms and other related terms.

storytelling AND "mental health"
storytelling AND 

storytelling AND 

cognitive narratology


  • Use FILTERS to refine your list of results:
    • Type of Source: Peer-reviewed journals, Books, Book Chapters, Magazines, Newspapers
      • Exclude Dissertations
    • Publication Date
    • Full Text