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HIS - History (WO)

Practice in the Library

Practice your presentation with classmates or friends in our group study rooms! Use the button below to reserve a room, call 703-878-5733 or just walk in.

Group Study Reservation


Read About Presentations

Books on giving presentations will be in these two areas:

♦ PN 4129.115 - Public Speaking
♦ HF 5718.22 - Presentations (PowerPoints & Visuals)

Here are some of our favorites at Woodbridge:

Image Searching

Cat mummy Geese
                     Cat Mummy                                     Force-Feeding Geese

Try this source for images:

Oral Presentation Tips

Presentation Resources

PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Building Your Slides

  • Your presentation supports your speech.  Don't let it take focus away from your ideas.

  • Use bullet points, not complete sentences

  • 4-6 points per page, one point at a time

  • Only use images if they are relevant and are high quality

  • Make graphs/diagrams as simple as possible

  • Use consistent backgrounds and layouts for all slides

  • Avoid bright backgrounds or cluttered layouts

  • Use high contrast font; dark on light, or light on dark

  • Use color to emphasize, but use with care

  • Avoid extremely bright colors

  • Avoid odd color combinations

  • Use no more than two fonts types, nothing cursive or ornamental

  • Minimum of 18 font, 20 or 24 is better

  • Use animation sparingly

  • Avoid distracting or annoying sound effects