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How to...Find a Topic

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Social Media

Use memes, infographics, and other discussions on social media to find inspiration for a research question, and then seek credible sources to learn more.



What is the impact of plagiarism?

How does plagiarism impact public perception of those found guilty of it?


Who is ultimately responsible for political speech content - the speech writers or the politicians?

What impact have speeches had on key events or time periods in American history?

First Ladies

How has the role of first ladies changed over time?

What role should spouses and families have in presidential administrations?


Suggested Resources: Books & eBooks



What are the effects of caffeine on the body? 

How does caffeine affect concentration and study habits of students?


How does sugar affect the brain?

Is sugar addictive?


Do the ingredients in soda affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients?

What are some possible impacts of applying a soda tax? Do they impact health outcomes?


Suggested Resources: Books & eBooks