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ENG 111: College Composition I (Cook-Loudoun)

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Problem/Solution Essay

Assignment: For this essay, you’ll propose a solution to a LOCAL problem. By “local,” I mean that the problem affects people in Northern Virginia specifically and can be solved by people in Northern Virginia specifically. Your audience will therefore be a particular person or group in the community that has the power to act in favor of your proposal. Your job is to inspire them to do so, which entails persuading them…

  1. …that the problem exists;
  2. …that the problem matters;
  3. …that your solution is feasible and effective;
  4. …that other solutions are less feasible and/or effective.

To do all this requires extensive research; therefore, this essay must incorporate a minimum of five (5) outside sources. Keep in mind, however, that different topics/arguments call for different types and amounts of information.

For more information, please review the Assignment Overview and/or contact your instructor.