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ENG 112: College Composition II (Cook-Loudoun)

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Synthetic Essay

Overview: The previous two essays required you to analyze and evaluate stories written by others. Now it’s time to write your own. To do so, you'll use a process known as synthesis, which involves taking information from a number of different sources and integrating it into a single explanation or argument.

Assignment: In the Art of Fact essays we’ve been reading, the authors immerse themselves in the subject matter, using their personal observations and experiences to both inform and engage their readers. You’ll do something similar.---specifically, you'll examine and explain some expression of local culture that interests you.

Your goal is to answer the following question in about 2000 words: What is the nature* of your subject, and what might it teach us about ourselves or society at large? Be sure to collect and present credible, relevant information from at least five outside sources.

*What is it? What is its purpose? Its history? Its features and characteristics? Who’s involved, and how? Where might it be heading? What are its consequences? Etc.

For additional information, please refer to the assignment details below or contact your professor.