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ENG 112: College Composition II: Argument Essay & Literary Analysis Essay - (Purugganan - Alexandria)

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Article Databases for Higher Education Research

These databases are included in the Library Catalog "Everything" search, but by using the individual databases you will get more powerful search options.

Use the databases below to find magazine, newspaper, and journal articles on a wide range of topics.

To find scholarly journal articles only, be sure to check a box titled "refereed", "scholarly" or "peer reviewed".

Search Tips

  • Once you've identified an idea for your research, select the most important 2-3 words - these are the Keywords you will type in the search box.
  • Put the word AND between each new word or idea; this tells the database to look for resources with ALL your terms.  Quotation marks tell the database to search for those words together as a phrase.

"community college" AND "bachelor's degree"


  • As you search in the database and look at your results, you may see other related terms that you could use, especially in the official "Subjects" that have been assigned to the articles.  For example, the "community college" AND "bachelor's degree" list of results led to these additional, related searches (and each time you change the words in the search box you will get different results):

"community college" AND "educational outcomes" AND students
"community college" AND "economic goals" AND students
"community college" AND success AND students
"community college" AND "academic achievement" AND students
"community college" AND benefits AND success

  • When you get your list of results, use filters:
    • Full Text, to ensure you can view the complete text of the article
    • Source Type/Scholarly Articles
    • Publication Date