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ENG 113: Technical-Professional Writing (NOVA Online OER)

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Your ENG 113 course involves several realistic technical writing assignments, including a proposal, a feasibility study or recommendation report, and an annotated bibliography.  Each of these (and any technical writing that you do in the future) will require research.  You will need to find high-quality information sources, then incorporate information from them into your writing.  You will also need to cite your sources to show readers where you found the information.  But that leads us to a lot of questions:

  • What are high-quality sources?
  • Where do I find them, and how do I search?
  • Once I found a source, how can I know if it is good?
  • What is an annotated bibliography and how do I write one?
  • How do I write and cite in APA Style?

Don't worry!  This guide answers all those questions an more.  If you have questions, you can contact a librarian for help.

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