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Embedding Streaming Media in Chrome Browsers

Affected Resources:

  • Academic Video Online
  • Docuseek Streaming Video
  • Sage Streaming Video


Some users embed streaming audio or video within webpages and either get stuck in a VCCS login loop (where it keeps asking for your username and password, but never successfully logs in), or they are confronted with a screen that looks like this:


This issue only occurs when using a Chrome browser that is version 83+. Since the vast majority of users are on Chrome browsers that are fully updated, it is a very common problem. 

We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. This occurs due to security updates in Chrome, which blocks certain traffic that is essential to the authentication process. 

Current Work-Around:

In the meantime, you can access content by:

  • Avoid embedding videos from streaming video collections that have this issue. Instead, use permalinks and have users video videos on the vendor platforms.
  • Embedding videos in Canvas. Since users are already authenticated when they log in to canvas, the authentication process does not get stuck in the embedded video.
  • Asking users to use Firefox, Safari, or Edge/IE. These browsers currently do not block the authentication traffic and embedded videos work just fine.