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GEO 220: World Regional Geography (Crain-Loudoun)

This guide has been created to help you find information from books, articles, maps, images, and other resources related to your assignment topics. Direct comments to Julie Combs,

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Research Assignments

One month prior to the presentation of the poster you are to hand in a 5-page paper that provides the contents of the poster (a geographic topic of your choice which should be applied to a SPECIFIC region and/or regions in the world) in written form.

For more information, please review the Paper on Poster Topic document.

You will be asked to prepare an academic poster of a geographic topic of your choice which should be applied to a SPECIFIC region and/or regions in the world. 

For more information, please review the Academic Poster document.

Suggested Topics

  • Climate change and its effects (issues: drought; torrential rains; warming of northern areas)
  • Conflict area (issues, causes)
  • COVID and ongoing economic implications (supply issues)
  • Development (issues: literacy rates; poverty rates; GDP)
  • Disease (issues of communicable diseases and their spread/ non-communicable diseases and their spread)
  • Energy Supply (issues)
  • Environmental issues
  • Ethnic groups (issues of preservation of cultural heritage; of language; of territory; of self-governing)
  • Female empowerment (gender or equality  issues)
  • Food production (GMO foods and issues; organically grown food and issues; non-organically grown food and issues)
  • Fresh water (over-abundance, scarcity)
  • Human trafficking (issues)
  • Industries and economic implications (issues: outsourcing; child work)
  • Migration; migration flows
  • Natural resources and economic implications (problem: over-reliance on extractive industries)
  • Northern Sea Route (along the Arctic) and issues
  • Population density (issues: food scarcity; clean water scarcity)
  • Terrorism
  • Tourism (impact on landscape and people)
  • Trafficking of illegal substances (also: human tissues)
  • Transportation modes (water, rail, roads) and resultant issues
  • Urban areas (issues: over-crowdedness; slums; location in low-lying coastal areas)
  • Urbanization (growth of megacities and their issues)