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HLT145 - Ethics for Healthcare Professionals

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Sample Searches

Sample Searches:

Medicaid AND hospice

Use AND between two or more terms to find materials with all the terms. Searching for Medicaid AND hospice will only include resources that have both terms, Medicaid and hospice, in their contents.

contraception OR "birth control"

Use OR between similar terms. Searching for contraception OR birth control will find resources that refer to either concept.

"advance directive"

Use quotation marks ( " " ) around specific phrases such as "advance directive" to find those words in that specific order.


Use an asterisk ( * ) to find multiple endings of one word. Using contracept* as a search term will include results that refer to contraceptive, contraceptives, and contraception.


Here are a few places you can find eBooks, just remember that you will have to login with your myNOVA username and password.

More information on downloading eBooks.