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PHI 220: Ethics (220): Films on Demand

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Films on Demand


Specific videos that may be of interest to Philosophy 101 students:

  • Ethics: What is Right?
    ​Made up of 15 short segments, this program explores a number of ethics categories and theories, including Artistotlean ethics, metaethics, utilitarian theory, virtue theory, and more. 
  • Great Philosophers Series
    ​This 15-part BBC series profiles a number of philosophers, including Plato, Descartes, and Hume. Each video covers philosophers’ intellectual accomplishments and ideas within the context of their times.
  • Contemporary Philosophy Series
    ​"Each program reinforces the relevance of philosophy to a broad range of subject areas, including language, morality, science, politics, literature, economics, and sociology."



Films on Demand Citations

Citation Tool:

Each film or segment within this database has a citation tool . Here is how you find it:

1. Click the link to the film or segment.

2. Look directly below the screen for "Citation." When you click on this, the citation appear in a box below.

3. Click the button with the correct citation style for your course. ENG 111 uses MLA.

4. Copy and paste the citation into your document. Remember to check the citation for errors after you have copied it. 

Keep it Simple With a Keyword Search

Keyword Search:

For a more indepth explanation of searching, please click on the "Articles" tab above or here and go to the "Search Tips" box.

Select the most important 2-3 keywords. These are terms related to your topic. For instance, let's say your argument essay debates if global warming is affecting people in the tropics. Your keywords could be:

global warming, people, tropics