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Streaming Video: A Guide to Streaming Video Collections from NOVA Libraries

A guide to finding and using streaming video for use in courses. Questions? Contact Library Technical Services at

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About Kanopy

How does Kanopy work?

NOVA Libraries purchases Kanopy titles individually, prioritizing those needed for classroom instruction. Even though the titles are provided with classroom instruction in mind, every title can be viewed in and out of the classroom for a variety of purposes - including just watching for fun! 

Requesting Renewals for Currently Licensed Kanopy Titles (For Faculty Only):

If you would like to request a renewal for a title that is still currently licensed but will be expired soon, please use the Kanopy Title Renewal Form.

Requesting New or Expired Kanopy Titles (For Faculty Only):

  1. Search in Kanopy (linked above) to see if we already have the film you need in streaming video.
  2. If you are able to play a film in Kanopy, then it has already been licensed. Click the "share" button below the video player to get the link/permanent URL for the film.
  3. If the film has not been licensed, a request form will display for you to complete, or you may make your request by emailing Please specify the course in which you assign this film.
  4. Once you place your request, you may be contacted by a librarian to verify or clarify your request.
  5. If Kanopy doesn't offer your film, check Swank, or contact the Online Librarian for help locating streaming videos from other sources!

System Requirements/Access

In Browser

Kanopy videos are streamed using an HTML5 player within the browser. One of the following browsers are required for Kanopy video:

  • Firefox 47 and up
  • Safari 9.0 and up
  • Google Chrome Version 75 and up
  • Internet Explorer 11 and up

Mobile and TV Apps

To watch NOVA licensed films on Mobile or TV apps, you must:

  1. Access Kanopy using the link above to authenticate with your VCCS login credentials
  2. Create a personal account on the Kanopy platform (you can use any email and name in the registration to protect your privacy).
  3. Download the appropriate app on your device
  4. Link the device to your Kanopy account by logging in or using the "Link Your Device" option

Mobile Apps

A Kanopy app is currently available for the mobile devices below. Click on the links to find more information on how to access and use these.

TV Apps

A Kanopy app is currently available for the TV devices below. Click on the links to find more information on how to access and use these.

Help and Troubleshooting

For information about the Kanopy platform, you can visit the Kanopy Support Website.

If you need help accessing this resource, you can also contact a NOVA librarian using the "Need Help?" box to the left.