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BIO 142: Case Study Research (Alexandria)

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Reference, eBook, and Article Databases

Database Search Tips

  • Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic. For example: 

                                                 What are the effects of caffeine on blood pressure?


  • Put the word AND between each new word or idea; this tells the database to look for resources with ALL your terms.

blood pressure AND caffeine


  • Use quotation marks ( "  " ) around phrases (two or more words).

"blood pressure" AND caffeine


  • In Gale eBooks, Ovid Books, and R2 Library, use the asterisk (*) to truncate a word; this tells the database to look for all words that have the same base. In the example below, search results would include articles with caffeine or caffeinate or caffeinated.

"blood pressure" AND caffein*