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CHD210 - Introduction to Exceptional Children (AL)

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Top Databases for Refereed and Trade Journals

 preschool students

Refereed journal articles are written by academic experts for other academic experts.  The articles are extremely detailed and focused, and use specialized vocabulary.

Trade journal articles are written for professionals and practitioners for other professionals and practitioners.  They often share news in the field or examples of best practices.  In this database, trade journals are called magazines.

Database Search Tips:

  • Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.

    What are some classroom accommodations for children with autism?

  • Type AND between each new keyword or idea.

    children AND autism AND classroom

  • Identify and use synonyms and related terms in your search - not all authors will use the same words to identify the same ideas.

   children AND autism AND teaching strategies
   children AND autism AND education
   preschool AND autism AND strategies
   preschool AND autism AND classroom
   early childhood AND autism AND strategies
   early childhood AND autism AND classroom

Search the Library Catalog

Library Catalog Search Tips

  • Type in just the most essential keywords (for books with information on history, characteristics, causes, and prognosis, start by searching JUST for the name of the disability):   
       down syndrome  
  • Use this filter in your list of results to view ebooks:
    • ​Availability > Full Text Online