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LGL 215: Torts (Alexandria)

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Encyclopedia Articles

When you open Gale eBooks, use the "Basic Search" box in the upper left to get the most results.

Some of the encyclopedia searches in Gale eBooks won't have your term in the title of the article, but the term will be addressed within the article itself (trespass to land and contributory negligence are a couple examples) - click on the articles and do CTRL F (or command F if using a Mac) to search the text of the article for your term.


Search Tips:

  • If your topic is cross-disciplinary, you may need to add additional context to your search to just get legal-related sources. 
    For example: 
        patient dumping AND law
        sexual harassment AND law

  • If you don't get enough results, you can make Ebsco eBooks search the entire text of the books for your topic. 
    On the main search page, change the dropdown menu from "Select a Field" to TX All Text Fields :

  • For topics with two terms, search them separately.  For example:
       misrepresentation AND law
       fraud AND law
       family immunity
       spousal immunity
       spouse AND immunity