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Sustainability : A Guide to Environment, Economy, and Equity

Here you can: (1) Explore questions about our world's population, environment, and energy use. (2) Find resources to utilize sustainable practices as individuals and as an institution.

Guide by Eliza Selander, Librarian

This guide is updated regularly. Community input is welcome.

Suggested resources will be evaluated for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose

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Environment, Economy, and Equity

Image by Gene Blevins, Reuters. Winds blow flying embers from a burning tree at the Bobcat Fire in Juniper Hills, California. 2020.


On the toolbar (to the left in desktop; above in mobile), you will find tabs leading you to Books, Articles (under construction), Videos, and Podcasts. All listed resources are available online. Many require a NOVA login.

Within each of these tabs, the suggested resources are grouped by:

Environment (search terms may include: ecosystems, habitats, air or water contamination, toxins, pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, pesticides, recycling, renewable or solar or wind energy, fossil fuels, petroleum, deforestation, overharvesting, biodiversity, ecosystem, forest management, soil erosion);

Economy (search terms may include: quality of life, economic development or economic growth, waste, consumption, corporate sustainability, supply chain, incentives, carbon footprint); and

Equity (search terms may include: underserved populations, opportunity gap, environmental justice, landfills, hazardous waste, drinking water, chemicals, protests, poverty, income inequality, public health, corporate responsibility)


Image by Frank Ross, AP. Earth Day, April 22, 1970, scenes at Earth Walk.

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