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Citing Media: APA - Images, Films, TV, Music


Use the format below to cite images you access online. If you cannot find all of the information, fill in as much as you can. If you cannot find a date associated with the image, use n.d. (stands for no date) instead.


Artist, A.A. (Date of publication; use n.d. if no date listed). Photograph title or description [Description of form]. Retrieved from URL

Teo, K. (2009, April 8). Cat [Photograph]. Retrieved from 






Recorded Music


Artist last name, A.A. (Year). Song title. On Album title. City, State of production: Recording manufacturer.

Bach, J.S. (2002). Cello Suites Nos. 1, 5, and 6. New York, NY: Sony


Coldplay. (2005). Fix You. On X & Y. Hollywood, CA: Capitol Records.


Films & Movies


Producer, P.P. (Producer), & Director, D.D. (Director). (Year of publication). Title [Motion picture]. Country of origin: Studio or distributor.

Fields, F. (Producer), & Zwick, E. (Director). (1989). Glory [Motion picture]. 

         USA: TriStar Pictures.



Television Broadcast:


Prodcucer, P.P. (Producer). (Date of broadcast). Title [Television broadcast]. City, State: Studio or distributer.

Maher, B. & Gurvitz, M. (Producers). (2013, September 20). Real time with 

         Bill Maher [Television broadcast]. Los Angeles, CA: Home Box 

         Office (HBO).


Television Series:


Writer, W.W. (Writer), & Director, D.D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of episode [Television series episode]. In P. Producer (Producer), Series title. City, State: Studio or distributor.

Molaro, S., Prady, B., & Holland, S. (Writers) & Cendrowski, M. (Director). 

         (2013). The egg salad equivalency [Television series episode]. In 

         C. Lorre (Producer), The big bang theory. Burbank, CA: Warner Bros.