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Creating Persistent URLs (PURLs)

Provides step-by-step instructions for creating persistent links to resources in the online library catalog and some of our most popular databases. Questions? Contact Library Technical Services at

Creating Persistent URLs for Films on Demand

★ Persistent links in Films on Demand are called Title URLs. 


(NOTE: Do NOT use the URL in the address bar because it will not work from off campus. Also, when you copy the URL under the video player, be sure to get all the characters and be sure not to include any extra spaces at the end.)

  1. Find the video you want in Films on Demand. Click on it.
  2. Under the video player/ video description (near the bottom of the page) you will see a URL for the video title or segment in the Title URL box. This URL already contains everything you need to access the video from both on and off campus (if you click on it from off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MyNOVA username and password).  

  3. The link will be long, so you may want to plug it into a site like Bitly (, which will convert the link into a shorter one that is easier to work with. The links will never expire.