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ENG 111: College Composition I (Russo-LO)

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Project 3: Open Letter Researched Argument

Project 3: Write a 1,200-1,700 word (4-7 pages, double spaced) argumentative/persuasive "open letter" regarding a problem that concerns you and a solution you pose. What is the problem, and what do you want your audience to do about it?  

You will identify the specific audience you are addressing the "letter" to. This should be any individual or group whom you want to take action on your problem.  However, as  an "open letter” (as opposed to a personal email or an old-fashioned snail mail letter) consider that you are speaking broadly to a general audience whom you want to overhear what you are saying.  

The essay should include:
●    An introduction with a thesis statement that introduces the main ideas of the essay
●    Organized body paragraphs that begin with transitions and topic sentences
●    A conclusion
●    MLA documentation
●    Some personal experience that informs your viewpoint
●    At least 5 secondary research sources.   Two of these must come from sources accessed through the library.

For more information, please review the Project 3: Open Letter Researched Argument document.

Making Connections

In class you've learned about contextual rhetorical situations, including genre, purpose, audience, content (pathos, logos, ethos), and style. How can you apply this knowledge as you conduct your research? As you read or skim through the articles and books that you find, ask yourself:

What does the author want to prove?

Whom does the author represent or want to support? (An institution? A company?)

Who is the author's intended audience? 

What feelings or thoughts does the author want you to experience as you read their work?

Has the author convinced you?