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ENG 111: College Composition I (Russo-Loudoun)

This guide has been created by librarians to help you find books, articles, videos, and other types of resources related to this program of study. Direct comments to Julie Combs,

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Search for books on your topic in the library catalog. 

Select 'Request Item' to have books sent to and from any NOVA library. If your book is at Loudoun, write down the call number to locate the book on the shelf (ex: HQ796 .H215 2014).

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Open Letter Topic Example Keyword Examples
An Open Letter to NASCAR about how to boost their fan base. NASCAR (Association), stock cars (automobiles), stock car racing, stock car drivers, automobile racing, fans (persons), spectators, 
An Open Letter to my parents about why I should get a tattoo tattooing, body marking, social aspects, history, philosophy, anthropology, body art, body image, human body symbolic aspects, health, health aspects, tattoo artists, United States
An Open Letter about distracted driving to the guy who nearly ran me over Distracted driving, distraction, traffic safety, automobile drivers, automobile driving, cell phones and traffic accidents, attention, psychology, bicycles, cycling, pedestrian accidents, pedestrians, safety measures
An Open Letter to the Wal-Mart customer who would not wear a mask and why they should Coronavirus; COVID-19 (Disease) - social aspects OR political aspects OR disease prevention; COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-; public health; medical policy; communicable diseases; epidemics; biomedical materials
An Open Letter to parents of the preschoolers I work with about how to get kids to behave

Parenting; early childhood education; early childhood development; behavior modification; discipline of children; education, preschool; preschool children

An Open Letter to DMV employees about why they need to be more patient with people who do not speak English as a first language English as a second language; customer services; customer relations; second language acquisition; second language learning; third language learning; English language - foreign speakers; intercultural communication
An Open Letter to my fellow Peruvians about why they need to vote in this next election Peru; elections; voting; political participation; political science; political parties; politics and government

Book & eBook Examples